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53 Byerly Assault Wakeboard

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Byerly Wakeboards Assault Wakeboard 53”.  Pushing the envelope of compression molding and glass technology, Byerly boards is proud to present the Assault series. This series features never before used Glass Rope Edge technology. A full .25” fiberglass edge in every board means a torsionaly stronger lay up that will spring back to it original rocker line faster than anything on the market. This new reinforced construction also allows the Assault to be the thinnest board Byerly has produced to date. What does a thinner board mean? Easy, lighter overall weight and better flex characteristics. All these features complement the Assaults blended three-stage rocker for that traditional Byerly board pop, and the longer ABS molded-in fins make for a strong edge hold into the wake. Overall the Byerly Assault is the perfect combination shape and construction innovation.

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