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O'Brien 2016 Hooky 118 Junior Wakeboard

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Simply scaling down adult boards isn’t the best way to foster progression as grooms today need a board specifically designed for their needs. The Hooky is lightweight and teaches proper edge control thanks to it’s foam Feather Core and minimal base contouring with 4 removable fins, allowing the Hooky to feel right at home in the cable park.

Quite possibly the Hooky’s most important feature (to parents out there) lies in the tip and tail of the board, constructed from our DuraRail material the tip and tail of Hooky are built to handle the rigors of youth ownership. Dropped on the dock, scraped across the garage floor, drug around the cable park, and etc… the combination of Sandwich Construction and DuraRail material significantly reduces the opportunity for the tip and tail to split meaning the Hooky will last season after season.

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